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Prophecy Paradox, the Case for a First Century End Time

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Core End Time Signs

in Sequential Order

Jesus gave the disciples an ordered list of signs so they could watch for them and know  exactly when He would return in their End Time.

Jesus Predicted: The destruction of the temple buildings, the sign of His second coming and the end of the age in His own generation.

The Disciples Wanted to Know When He Would Return:
Referring to the temple buildings, Jesus said, "Do you see all these things?  Truly I say to you, not one stone here shall be left upon another, which will not be torn down."  Desiring to know more, the disciples asked, "when will these things be; and what will be the sign of your coming, and the end of the age?" (Mt.24:1-3; Mk.13:1-4; Lk.21:5-7)


Mt. Mk. Lk.
1. The disciples will be arrested and brought to trial and be witnesses to the governors and kings who persecute them. 9 9,11

2. The gospel will be preached throughout the world.
14 10
3. The beginning of birth pangs will be: false messiahs, wars, famines, earthquakes, and terrors and signs from the heaven. 4-8 6-8 8-11
4. Lawlessness will increase. Christians will be hated. Many will turn away from the faith and betray each other. Many believers will be put to death. The one who endures to the end will be saved. 9-13 12-13 16-19
4. Jerusalem will be laid desolate: The abomination that causes desolation will stand in the holy place. It will be dreadful. There will be great distress. They would fall by the sword and be led captive into all the nations. 15-25 14-23 20-24
6. The sun will be darkened, the moon will not give its light, the stars will fall from the sky, the sea and waves will roar, and men will be stricken with terror. 29 24-25 25-26
7. The Son of Man will come in the clouds and send forth His angels to gather His elect. 30,31 26,27 27
8. All the above occurs to the generation to which Jesus is speaking. 34 30 32
9. Heaven and earth will pass away, but His words will never pass away. 35 31 33
Other references to the end of the age: Mt.10:17-23;16:27,28; 23:34 / Lk. 12:11,12; 17:24-37; 19:43,44 / Jn. 1:51; 5:28,29 / 1Thes.3:4; 4:13-17 / Rv.1:7; 6:12-17